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Project Description

.NET Windows Application Framework (NETWAF) is a library that enables .NET developers to build Desktop applications and Windows NT Service applications sharing a foundation that supports frequently used functionalities.


Developers are asked to build several kinds of applications; these applications can be classified by many aspects.
The way they are installed and executed: Some applications need to be a Desktop application and others need to be a Windows NT Service or a Console application.
The length of time for which the application will be used and maintained:
Some applications are part of a large scale development project and others are just a small tool or a one-time-use application.

Most applications require a set of common functionalities including logging, exception handling, installation, etc., independent of how they will execute or be used and maintained.
NETWAF implements a foundation with support for basic functionalities allowing developers to focus on implementing the process and functionalities that are being developed.

In addition, NETWAF supports executing a Windows NT Service as a Desktop application displaying the logs on real time making the process of debugging and testing more efficient.

Project Template

Download the Project Template that includes NETWAF as a Nuget package.

Steps to use the template in Visual Studio:
1- Copy the file to the folder Documents\Visual Studio 20XX\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C#.
2- Create a new project in Visual Studio and select the template Installed\Templates\Visual C#\NETWAFService.

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